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YEA! encourages the mindset that leads to an appearance on Shark Tank. 


Shark Tank is known for celebrating high-quality entrepreneurial products and services. 


YEA! wants to celebrate the LEARNING gained through failure, risk, and problem-solving which are core elements of all entrepreneurial endeavors. 


We believe that entrepreneurship provides the most powerful lessons for young people while growing the skills most in demand in the 21st century -- skills that are rarely taught in school.


Entrepreneurship routinely:

  1. teaches youth essential skills like problem-solving, decision-making, leadership, creativity, and the effective management of risk, finances, personnel, projects, and time.

  2. helps youth develop a growth mindset, which is the belief that growth comes through effort, failure, and constant learning.

  3. provides youth with the unparalleled thrill of positively impacting society by solving problems and meeting needs in new and innovative ways. 


If you agree, then spread the word and join us in celebrating the learning gained through entrepreneurship.

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